Abrah & Hunter – Married Over the Phone by Beluga Whales

What. They were!

It’s hard to tell by the smile on Abrah’s face while her father walked her down the aisle, that the hour before her and Hunter’s wedding ceremony was spent scrambling in their separate holding chambers (or uh… marine biology classrooms) trying to figure out how they were going to get married that day.

You see, the officiant thought their wedding was on Saturday and not Friday.

He was at home, 2 hours away.

Nightmare fuel. Not only for couples, but for vendors as well! It’s moments like these that I thank my lucky stars that I haven’t had this particular hiccough happen. Let the vendor that is without fault cast the first “I would never”.

So, back to poor Abrah & Hunter who are officiant-less… but not humorless.

There’s the faces I expected.

My assistant and I are both ordained for this exact situation. Abrah and I were actually JOKING about “what would happen if your officiant doesn’t show” during the getting ready pictures (Yeah, she is totes a wedding psychic nbd). The only problem being that we are both ordained in MA. Unfortunately, we were at Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut. That means we couldn’t help!

Dad was right in the middle of filling out the “Universal Life Church” Quickie-Minister form online when finally the original Minster called back and said he could perform the ceremony over the phone.

Wedding was on.

Belugas were ready.

It was still picture perfect.

Weddings (like this one) have been saved by advances in technology. If that vendor had been a DJ, I bet someone has every song ever on Spotify. If that vendor had been me, everyone would have a camera in their pocket. Hell, if it had been the caterer… there is even a Domino’s app

Let’s face it. No one wants Domino’s when they were supposed to be having scallops and bacon. And just the same…

No couple wants a Guest to do the job of a Vendor if they don’t have to.

No couple wants a vendor to do the job if a cute Beluga Whale could do it?

There are waterproof cameras…