Jacinda & Dylan – Arnold Arboretum

Jacinda & Dylan invited me over the day before their elopement to their rental home to meet. They had just flown in from Texas, where they are Community Activists with a farm (they sent me a picture of their ducks in an actual LINE to prove how ready they were to get married) and had just settled in themselves. This couple and their friends were so welcoming that I felt like a part of this wedding from the get go.

They traveled all the way from Texas to Massachusetts to get married – and they were blessed by an snow shower right during their vows. On the top of a somehow secluded hill in the middle of Arnold Arboretum in Boston. It was beautiful.

Elopements are intimate to begin with, but add the warmth in which I was incorporated into this group? I was more than photographer. I felt like a witness to something entirely special.