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Brian & Brian – Millicent Library

You have got to love an untraditional engagement session location! Brian and Brian took me to their local library, which was absolutely breathtaking. We had so much fun perusing the volumes and finding cute little alcoves to get amazing pictures in! Check out some of their inspiring photos:

Austin & Phil – Arnold Arboretum

Austin & Phil met in the UK where Austin attended his post-graduate studies. Austin is from small town south Georgia, and Phil’s from large town north of England. They found each other while window shopping during a Viking Festival held in York, UK of all places! They decided to elope in Boston, and I was...

David & Travis – Lakeview Pavilion

Lakeview Pavilion has exactly what you’re looking for – a perfectly blank canvas for your wedding day. The whole venue is built with light in mind – beautiful bold windows, bright white walls, curtains and ceilings. It also has this cozy terrace in the back with a breathtaking lake view (get it?). Get married outdoors...

Jacinda & Dylan – Arnold Arboretum

Jacinda & Dylan invited me over the day before their elopement to their rental home to meet. They had just flown in from Texas, where they are Community Activists with a farm (they sent me a picture of their ducks in an actual LINE to prove how ready they were to get married) and had...