Noah & Jeff – Funeral Home

Need I say more?

Oh, Ok… I might say more. Noah & Jeff decided to get ready together before their date with wedded DESTINY!

Tradition was definitely thrown out the window during this intimate, funeral home elopement in Newport Rhode Island.

Take what you like about weddings and keep it, take what you don’t and THROW IT AWAY!

Noah & Jeff did exactly that and ended up with a day that is still totally recognizable as a wedding, but takes place at a location and time that makes sense for them.

They were married by a family friend, surrounded by a small amount of loving onlookers on one of the least “romantic” days of the year… Until today!

Everything about the day was simple and exactly the way they had anticipated celebrating. No bling, no frills. Just some spooky spooky love.

Get married when you want, how you want, with who you want. It’s your love. Give it and express it in the way that makes you happy.