Why Wedding Photography?

I ambitiously became a wedding photographer after getting fired from my corporate portrait studio job in 2010.

Truthfully, I had no idea what I was doing or where to begin. I just knew that when I was getting married and looking for a wedding photographer, I had a real struggle finding someone was even advertising with events similar to my own. It was then that I decided to try to provide photography to couples who felt out of place with other wedding professionals.

So I started pursuing interesting events and unique couples, which has let me lead an authentic and true business. I don’t have to pretend I like what I do, or that I care about the people I do it for. My couples are all so awesome, and their events are so interesting and beautiful, every wedding is an honor to capture.

I truly love weddings, and every day is different and exciting. My couples work hard creating these events that reflect who they are as people and their relationship, and I make it my goal to produce everlasting art to preserve those memories.

To answer the question “why wedding photography?” – the answer really is, it chose me. I never imagined that I would own my own business, nevermind that it would allow me to attend amazing weddings. It is truly a gift to be able to provide for my family by doing what I enjoy, and working with people who make me feel appreciated and loved.