I’m Colleen

Let me shoot you.

Behind the Camera

Weddings are performance. You practice, you prepare, you dress up, and you tell a story. Your love story. I was a Musical Theatre major, and this makes me the perfect conduit to tell your love story in a cohesive and creative way. The way it was meant to be told. I started working in a portrait studio in 2008, and shot my first wedding in 2009. It was pretty obvious I was meant to capture these events and help translate them into art. I haven't stopped since. I am truly honored to be able to shape these memories for my couples, and consider it the most important part of my job.

In Front of the Camera

I hate being in pictures!!!!! There is a big reason why my "ideal client" is someone who feels uncomfortable in front of a camera. It's because I feel uncomfortable in front of a camera! Nevertheless, people who are awkward for pictures, still deserve to be in them; and they deserve someone who can help them feel as comfortable as possible. I pride myself on being that weirdo. We can be weird together and create a safe space for all of us to show our true personalities. People like us need to feel beautiful and righteously captured too. That's why I'm here. Let's be awkward together.


I love to travel all over New England.


It’s such a gift, all the different beautiful places that exist just in our little region. Every time I get to travel somewhere new, it’s truly an adventure! I usually end up traveling to each state at least once during a wedding season, including New York (which is practically NE, let’s be honest).

I get to shoot at big family farms, tiny beachfront properties, huge hidden backyards, perfectly serene campsites, historical city fronts, and amazingly remote mountain locations.

A lot of my couples pride themselves on finding that beautiful, unique and specifically perfect locale, which means I end up at many untraditional venues. Typically, couples pick locations that mean something to them, or express an important facet of their love story.


Here are some of my favorite local venues.


I also am available to travel all over the United States, and the World! If you are interested in having me for your wedding somewhere else… contact me, and let’s make it happen! I do offer travel incentives, depending on location and time of year.


Let’s take the journey together!